Previous Exhibitions

Serge has participated in a variety of exhibitions, art shows and art events. The following overview is selection of past events. For current and upcoming events, please see the Agenda.


Naarden art fair / GrachtenGalerie Utrecht (group)
055 Apeldoorn Art / CODA Museum Apeldoorn (group)


Remastered art / Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (group)
Small interiors / Artacasa Amsterdam (group)
Art Gameren / GrachtenGalerie Utrecht (group)
Home is where the Art is / GrachtenGalerie Utrecht (group)


Aftersun / GrachtenGalerie Utrecht (group)
Lichtpuntjes /
Galerie Artacasa Amsterdam (group)
Lente expositie / Galerie Posthuys Texel (group)


Aftersun / GrachtenGalerie Utrecht (group)
Lichtpuntjes /
Galerie Artacasa Amsterdam (group)
Reflecting Reality
/ Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome, Italy (group)
Herring / Galerie Posthuys Texel (group)


AAFter / Grachtengalerie Utrecht (group)
Love stories & precious things / Galerie Artacasa Amsterdam
FINE art & antiques Baarn / with GrachtenGalerie (group)
Zon, zee, wind en water / Galerie Artacasa Amsterdam (group)
Serge de Vries in de crypte / Galerie Posthuys Texel
Proef de kunst / Galerie ArtZaanstad Zaandam (group)


Haringtraditie en andere vis / Galerie Posthuys Texel (group)
ArtZaanstad event / Galerie ArtZaanstad Zaandam (group)
Openingstentoonstelling ArtZaanstad / Galerie ArtZaanstad Zaandam (group)


Betaalbare kunst / Galerie kunst 2001 Badhoevedorp (group)
Art Groningen / MartiniPlaza Groningen (group)
Zomer op Texel / Galerie Posthuys Texel (group)
Galerie Stark Amersfoort (group)
De smaak van Apeldoorn / Galerie ACEC Apeldoorn (group)
ArtZaanstad event / Galerie ArtZaanstad Zaandam (group)
Open ateliers Apeldoorn
Galerie Mi Bilthoven (group)


Galerie Mi Bilthoven (group)
ArtArnhem / Eusebiuskerk Arnhem (group)
Kunst10daagse Bergen aan Zee / with Kunstcentrum Zaandam (group)
Code rood ‘Mijn kleine zusje’ / Galerie Loolaan Apeldoorn (group)
Kunstbeurs van Noord-Brabant / Galerie Sous-Terre Lithoijen (group)
Open ateliers Apeldoorn
Gebakjes en donuts / Galerie Posthuys Texel (group)


Typisch Apeldoorn / Weekend Galerie Apeldoorn (group)
Highlight artists / Galerie Sous-Terre Aalsmeer (group)
ArtArnhem / Eusebiuskerk Arnhem (group)
Kunstbeurs aan de Westeinderplassen / Galerie Sous-Terre Aalsmeer (group)
Kunst in de Vallei / Plantion Ede (group)
Winter, CODA Museum Apeldoorn (group)

2014 -1995

Various exhibitions, art fairs and art markets

Private collections

The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, USA, Spain, United Kingdom