An eye for gumdrops

Artist: Serge de Vries
Technique: painting
Material: oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 40,5 cm (including frame 66 x 56 cm)
Original artwork
This painting is sold.


Remastered art

Remastered art is a new art style that combines past and present to create a new art movement. Contemporary artists edit old paintings that have been forgotten due to varying appreciation and changes in taste. This process creates a new, interesting and contemporary work of art. By ‘remastering’ an old painting, the lifespan of this old piece is extended in an innovative and sustainable way. Old paintings are given a second life. Remastered art is powered by Swop Art.

An eye for gumdrops

For this ‘Remastered art’ painting, Serge has chosen an oil-painted portrait of an unknown man.

Process images: