Spool of thread for the mill

Artist: Serge de Vries
Technique: painting
Material: oil on canvas
Size: 80 x 100 cm
Original artwork
This painting is sold.


Remastered art

Remastered art is a new art style that combines past and present to create a new art movement. Contemporary artists edit old paintings that have been forgotten due to varying appreciation and changes in taste. This process creates a new, interesting and contemporary work of art. By ‘remastering’ an old painting, the lifespan of this old piece is extended in an innovative and sustainable way. Old paintings are given a second life. Remastered art is powered by Swop Art.

Spool of thread for the mill

For this ‘Remastered art’ painting, Serge has chosen a landscape with windmills painted in oil.

Process images:

Origineel schilderij Landschap met molens, Remastered art Schets Klosje garen, Remastered art, Serge de vriesAfplakken molen, geen afleiding, Remastered art, Serge de vriesKlosje garen voor de molen, Remastered art, Serge de Vries